FPL Tools

The FPL tools below can help you analyze data, plan your team, make transfers and track your team’s success.


Follow your FPL points, overall rank and mini league tables with live bonus and auto-subs, all processed in real-time.

Cost: Free

FPL Review

Optimise your planning using cutting-edge prediction models and review your strategy using unique performance metrics.

Cost: Free & Paid

FPL Team

View your FPL team and plan ahead for all future weeks. Plan transfers, chip usage and save drafts to compare.

Cost: Free

Fantasy Football Fix

AI algorithms to help plan your team, make transfers and follow your mini-league and other managers in real time.

Cost: Free & Paid

Fantasy Football Hub

Comprehensive website with predictor tools, advice, team planners, player statistics and more.

Cost: Free & Paid

Price Change Predictor

Predicts which players will rise or drop in price. Low on budget? Make sure you'll still be able to afford your planned transfer.

Cost: Free

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With the popularity of FPL rising, there are new tools continuously being created. Get informed with new releases.